Sunday, 24 July 2011

Narrow focus on math and reading/writing skills and tests

In India as well as in Sweden, the desire to do well in mathematics and reading/writing has gone too far with the last two years (8th-9th) in Swedish middle school entirely about Math/Swedish/English. India has its 10 standard exam craze for same reasons.

In the US, the No Child Left Behind Act has driven this to the extremes.  ASCD, an education policy unit, has taken on the challenge to thwart this narrow curriculum

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  1. Math is always remain difficult for some students to understand. And like In India, this issue is also raising in Sweden as well. And there's need to do well in Math and the statement which I have read is taking towards some kind of allusion to become a good mathematician. On the other Reading/writing and tests skill also should be clear to students.

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